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Office for students with disabilities

The Office for Students with Disabilities at the University Rennes 2 (Relais Handicap) welcomes and supports students with disabilities, whether permanent or temporary (fracture, serious illness, etc.). In cooperation with different university departments, especially the University health service as well as departmental secretaries, the OSD coordinates the following student services: tutoring, note-taking, document adaptation, accessibility to premises, exams, extra-time, professional integration, etc.

Services provides by the office for students with disabilities


A personalized welcome

  • A personalized welcome, confidentiality, availability
  • Needs identification and assessment
  • Information on help provided by the OSD
  • University layout awareness
  • Complete accessibility on the Villejean campus (tour of the university)



Implementation of an assisted learning policy:

  • Programme adaptation in association with professors, depending on the type of disability.
  • Detection and organisation of learning support.
  • Note taking support: students can have access to a note taking service during the academic year.
  • Support from a French sign language (LSF) or Cued Speech (LPC) specialist
  • Braille document transcription.
  • Provision of adapted software (Dragon Naturally Speaking, Viavoice, …)
  • Provision of adapted materials (magnifier, video magnifier, …)

All students with disabilities can have the benefit of these arrangements after consulting a doctor from the University health Service (SSE).



Special arrangements proposed by the Students with disabilities office:

  • Preparation and follow-up for exams.
  • Additional time for written and oral exams.
  • Exam secretary: students have access to secretarial assistance.
  • Private room: in some cases, students may sit exams in a separate room.
  • Braille transcription of exam papers.
  • Specially adapted exam paper layout.
  • Support of a French sign language (LSF) or Cued Speech (LPC) specialist

All students with disabilities can have the benefit of these arrangements after consulting a doctor from the University health Service (SSE).


  • Students must submit their request to a SIMPPS doctor, complete with all requested medical information.

  • Students whose disability is known at the time of exam registration should forward their application form to a SSE doctor at the time of registration in order to allow for processing time and to give the OSD enough time to make the necessary arrangements.
  • The doctor’s assessment, including details of special provision required, will then be forwarded to the student and to the University.  
  • The University President, taking into consideration the doctor’s advice, has the final decision regarding the arrangements allowed. The President then informs the student and the OSD of his decision.



Information and useful addresses

Housing, scholarships, Catering

The Regional Centre for Campus Services (CROUS) is in charge of housing, scholarships and Catering.

  • Housing: the CROUS can provide specifically adapted and equipped accommodation for students with disabilities in Rennes.

  • Scholarships: Students with disabilities recognized by the MDPH (Departmental Service for People with Disabilities) have access to specific scholarships, with special consideration regarding: age, parental income and resources and the field of study and domain.
  • Catering: There are cafeterias as well as a University restaurant on campus or close to the University of Rennes2.


  • From your residence to the University: The Conseil Général is in charge of School and University transportation (from your residence to the University). This service is designed for students who are unable to use public transport because of their disability. For more information, contact the school transportation service of your département.
  • Urban transportation within the Rennes Metropolitan District : Handistar is a specialised transportation service designed for people with disabilities who, because of a physical impairment or of sensory disabilities, cannot use public transport.



Disability Services booklet

Disability services FAQ

University Health Services

Instructions for exams on computers


relais-handicap [at] univ-rennes2.fr

02 99 14 13 86
02 99 14 20 66

Disabilities office’s integration managers
Erwann Delisle, P521
erwann.delisle [at] univ-rennes2.fr
02 99 14 20 66