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Selective courses of study (LP - DEUST – Second year master’s - University diploma)

Undergraduate acceptance after prior selection (DEUST, Professionally Oriented bachelor's degrees) :

DEUST (University Degree in Science and Technology) : Applicants must follow the same procedure as high school graduates (“Admission Post-Bac” : Registration choices + application file). Applicants must send a “Post-Bac” file. They may also need to pass a written or practical examination, or an oral interview; these evaluations take place in April-May.

Professionally oriented bachelor's degrees (LP): on line application or application form only. In case of application form, applicants must request an application file at the office of the registrar at the faculty (UFR) in charge of the programme in question. Applicants then send their completed application back to that same faculty (UFR). Applicants may then be summoned for an examination and/or for an interview in May, June or July.

  • Admissions procedure and calendar: read more (in French)


Second year master’s:

  • Admissions procedure and calendar : read more (in French)

Application forms should be requested from and returned to the office of the registrar of the faculty (UFR) in charge of the programme in question.