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PhD students

PhD Registration

PhDs are undertaken within the framework of a nationally accredited research unit or team, under the supervision of a thesis referee affiliated to the Graduate School or under joint supervision.

PhD registrations are approved by the University President. The registration request is examined first by the thesis referee and the research unit director. Upon the Director's approval the applicant can then register through the Graduate School. To do so, the PhD applicant will be given access to Graduate School programs. Registration has to be renewed each academic year.

PhD applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Hold a Master’s degree which attests to the graduate’s research skills or equivalent qualification(s).
  • Have defined a research project in one of the research units affiliated with the Graduate School; this project should be consistent with the applicant’s prior studies. Have the prior agreement of both the thesis referee and the research unit director concerned.

A PhD degree generally takes three years to complete. In certain circumstances, the President can grant additional time for completion. The applicant must first present a formal request which must then be approved by the thesis referee and the Council of the Graduate School. The request will then be forwarded to the President by the Director of the Graduate School. Each year, the list of those who have been awarded additional time for completion is presented to the Scientific Council.

The PhD student is fully integrated into the research unit during the completion of his/her thesis.

The doctoral charter must be signed by the PhD student, his/her thesis referee, the Graduate School's Director, and the research unit director.

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