Welcome to Rennes 2 University!

A word from the President

Among the universities of north-west France, Rennes 2 University offers a unique blend of courses, in fields ranging from fine arts and literature, to languages, human and social sciences and sports science. Our university is firmly rooted in Rennes and in Brittany and is a vibrant driving force, both at the regional level and nationally, thanks to the variety of courses on offer, the quality of its research and its lively arts and culture scene. The courses available to our 24,000 students include an exceptionally wide range of modern languages, with 19 different languages and cultures to choose from.

The university has a truly international outlook, and has exchange programmes with 265 partners worldwide. 3,000 international students enrol each year, and most of them follow French language and culture courses with the CIREFE Centre. The university is a major player in the French-speaking world, helping enhance its influence and visibility. It maintains close teaching and research links with partners in the Americas, including Quebec, the USA, Brazil and Chile, but also in Europe (Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy), Africa (in particular North Africa) and Asia (China and Japan).

Rennes 2 University is a founding member of the regional higher education group, université Bretagne Loire (UBL), comprising 7 universities, 15 engineering and business schools and 5 research bodies. Through this partnership, which aims to pool its members’ specific competences and coordinate international projects, Rennes 2 University helps promote higher education in the Brittany and Loire regions as well as worldwide. 

Our aim is to enhance the international dimension of our programmes by offering courses in languages other than French, by increasing the number of joint Masters degrees and by promoting student and staff mobility. In turn, this will reinforce our international research partnerships, in particular in Europe.

Professor Olivier David
President of Rennes 2 University


A word from the Vice-president for International Relations

The city of Rennes is a student city par excellence, with a vibrant cultural scene geared to young people. Rennes lies at the heart of the historic region of Brittany with its Celtic heritage and yet is only 1 hour 25 minutes away from Paris by high-speed train.

We cater for all types of international students and exchange students.

We pride ourselves on our welcome week at the beginning of each semester which allows students to get the best possible start : staff from our International Office guide new students through their registration formalities and help them settle in to life on campus and in Rennes. Throughout the year, the International Office is open daily to help you with enquiries.

Exchange students are allowed to choose classes in 2 different departments plus take evening classes in our dedicated French language school, the CIREFE. We also offer a small number of classes taught in English.

You will be able to improve your written and spoken French with lessons at our highly-renowned French language school, the CIREFE. PhD students, post Docs and researchers can avail of the CMI (Centre de Mobilité Internationale) with its 79 studio apartments.

We look forward to welcoming you to Rennes 2 University. For now, you can discover Rennes 2 by video!

Dr Lesley LELOUREC, Vice-President for International Relations