Avatar Cultural Services Office


Enhancing higher education through cultural events

Cultural policy is primarily linked to the different curricula offered to Rennes 2 students and closely integrated with teaching and learning activities.

A wide selection of events throughout the year

The different events cover a wide variety of artistic activities: visual arts, cinema, dancing, classical or modern music, spoken word performing, etc.

Support for student association initiatives

Rennes 2 has very long-standing history of Student association involvement. Many of the events that take place on campus (festival K Barré, Roulements de Tambour, Festival du film FSDIE) are initiated and run by student associations, with the logistical and financial support of the Cultural Service.

Working closely with Rennes’ cultural scene

The Tambour regularly hosts events linked to Rennes’ festival calendar (Mythos, Travelling, Ébruitez-vous, etc.).
 The Cultural Services Office carries out projects in partnership with external organizations (Orchestre de Bretagne, TNB (National Theatre of Brittany), Aire Libre, Conservatoire, Musée de la danse, etc.).